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DANA WATER HEATERS & COOLERS FACTORY LLC (AN ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED Co.) is one of the largest and oldest manufacturers of air cooled water chillers or chilling plant in Dubai UAE.Established in 2001 ,it’s the manufacturing division of well known industrial conglomerate DANA Group headquartered in DUBAI.With our head office located within 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport ,and our manufacturing facilities in AL quoz Industrial Area Dubai,and warehouse in Ajman,we are strategically located to meet and exceed the expectations of our valuable clients.
Our heavy duty Water Chilling Plants ( Water Chillers ) are PROUDLY Made in UAE,as per International standards and today we are exporting our products to all neighboring Gulf & African Countries like Oman,Bahrain,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia(KSA),Jordan,Africa and other GCC and Arab Countries.


DANA’s hallmark and well renowned Domestic Tank Water Chillers are chosen by customers all across the Gulf region. Every summer millions of users across the middle east face the problem of hot Water in overhead tanks due to heating up by abundant sunshine.

Our Domestic Tank water chilling plants/chillers are specially designed for the harsh Middle Eastern Climatic conditions.Based on the “RECIRCULATING” principle with built in compressor,condenser,shell and tube type heat exchanger DANA domestic tank water chiller is easily installed on the roof or on the ground floor within 2 meters of the water tank.The user can input the required cold water temperature on the digital temperature controller,after which the unit automatically maintains the desired cool temperature in the water tank on the basis of it’s built in thermostat.

It is ideal for usage in villas,apartments,houses,schools,colleges,mosques,hotels,guesthouses across the region.In the Middle East DANA has supplied thousands of Water Tank Chillers which have been working satisfactorily for many years.


When it comes to heavy duty process cooling requirements for industries across the middle east like Injection moulding machines, Blow moulding machines, Pipe bending machines , Extruders, Paper processing machines, EDM Wire cutting machines, Rubber processing machines, Ink Printing machines requiring Machine Cooling, Laser Cooling, Chemical Cooling, Comfort Cooling, Food Processing, Product Cooling and various other applications, then “DANA” is the NUMBER#1 Brand preferred by Industrial Users in the United Arab Emirates & neighboring gulf countries.

Our Heavy Duty Industrial Chilling Plants ( Air Cooled Process Water chillers) are specially designed to work 24 hours x 365 days in harsh climatic conditions.Equipped with the latest process water cooling technology and also having a specially design for high ambient temperature operation,our DANA water chillers are the most trusted brand for all Industrial Users.

In Capacities from 5 TR ( 5 ton or 60,000 BTU/hr water cooling capacity) - 100 TR ( 100 Ton or 1,200,000 BTU/hr water cooling capacity) our Water chillers are having Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers with Optimally sized 3 sides Condensers and Built in Centrifugal Circulation pumps.

DANA AIR COOLED WATER CHILLERS ( CHILLING PLANTS) are having the following salient features:-

  • Built in cooling capacities ranging from 2TR(24,000 BTU/hr) - 100 TR(1,200,000 BTU/hr)
  • Having heavy duty thick gauge Galvanized & Epoxy Powder coated Body to withstand corrosion.
  • Specially Tropicalized Built & Construction To Withstand the Heavy Summer Months of Gulf Region.
  • Heavy Duty EMERSON COPELAND Reciprocating/Scroll type Compressor with 5 years warranty.
  • 2 TR(2 ton cooling capacity) & 3 TR (3 ton cooling capacity) are running on Single Phase Electrical Supply.
  • 5 TR ( 5 ton cooling capacity) - 100 TR ( 100 Ton cooling capacity) and above are running on Three(3 Phase) Electrical Supply.
  • Generously Sized 3-sided Copper Tube/Aluminum-finned Air-cooled Condensers With Anti-Corrosive Heresite Coating.
  • Acoustic-Composite Axial Discharge Fans – for low-noise levels & higher efficiency
  • Built-in Integrated Centrifugal Circulation Pumps ( Made in INDIA/SPAIN)

Our Domestic & Industrial Water Chillers/Chilling Plants are being used for many years in various companies across Dubai,Ajman,Sharjah,Abu Dhabi,Ras Al Khaimah,Fujairah and Al ain in UAE.Being the Number one water chiller manufacturer & supplier in UAE,our brand “DANA” enjoys immense popularity inside United Arab Emirates & the neighboring Region.

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LANDLINE :00971-4-2217273
Email :info@danawatercoolers.com / info@danagroups.com