DANA WATER HEATER & COOLERS FACTORY LLC ( ISO 9001:2015 certified) was Established in 2001 as the manufacturing arm of DANA GROUP (www.danagroups.com).

DANA GROUP (www.danagroups.com) was founded in the year 1991 by our Chairman Dr Birbal Singh Dana . Over the years since it’s establishment DANA has  grown to become a well-recognized household brand in the Middle East.Our Heating & Cooling Solutions have been installed in various prestiguous projects across the Middle East.

Our Group Chairman Dr Birbal Singh Dana has been awarded various prestiguous accolades for his contribution to the Middle East’s Industrial Success.

Dr Birbal Singh Dana has been recognized as one of the Top Indian Leaders in the Arab World by the FORBES Magazine. The links to the ranking lists are provided below.

Forbes Top Indian Leaders Arab World 2017 :- http://www.forbesmiddleeast.com/en/list/top-indian-leaders-in-the-arab-world/item/33/
Forbes Top Indian Leaders Arab World 2016 :- http://www.forbesmiddleeast.com/en/lists/people/pname/birbal-singh-dana/pid/89201/
Forbes Top Indian Leaders Arab World 2015 :- http://www.forbesmiddleeast.com/en/lists/people/pname/birbal-singh-dana/pid/84031/

Today DANA has a dedicated team of well qualified, experienced & energetic professionals, clubbed with equally sincere work force, who are striving hard, as a team, with most ultramodern machinery & equipment, day in and day out, to come up to the expectations of our valued clients.

Our aim is to provide our clients with high professional Standard and to ensure clients satisfaction at each task. We are proud to be serving our products worldwide. All our products are made from superior quality raw material and checked by our in-built quality control system. We strictly follow all quality measures to fabricate with high quality

At DANA we endeavor to  provides a solid protection of your investment 24 hours day, 7days a week for years and years to  come.

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