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Cold storage rooms are quite indispensable for the food and catering industries worldwide. The storage of food and other perishable items requires facilities and most companies rely on warehouse logistics. The purpose is to store foods such as meat, fish, vegetables and fruits to preserve their freshness. Today, companies around the world rely on storage and storage logistics to meet their growing distribution and storage demands.


Additional technologies, such as control panels, that can help monitor changes within the room and provide remote access to vital settings contribute to this shift towards more effective cold storage.

Dana Offers High Quality Cold Storage Rooms Services:

DANA is the main solution provider & supplier/producer for furnishing and installation of industrial and Domestic Walk-in bloodless room , cold storage rooms , freezer room , defrost room , Blast freezer room , chiller room and refrigeration plants for a range of range of functions from Food storage and warehousing.

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Our aim is producing unique Cold room, Walkin Chiller and Walkin Freezer room , Blast freezer room & refrigeration systems within a variety of types and capacities for meals area , flora , wine and beer , frozen meals ,frozen fruits and greens , refrigerated fruits and veggies , frozen fish and many different industries.

Convenient controllable operation

Depending on the product that needs to be stored, it is absolutely necessary that modern Dana cold storage rooms can maintain the ideal environment and temperature. From the point of view of operational personnel, a room must also be easy to control and operate. Therefore, companies should ideally choose to build a room that has a modern control panel and observation facilities. A control panel that has a large screen and simple controls provides a higher level of comfort in your operation. Being able to see instantly the relevant activity that occurs inside the room is always useful.

Save energy

Modern Dana cold storage rooms equipped with sensors can determine when the products inside a room are at the optimum temperature. The automatic transmission of this information to the panel when the doors are opened and closed, allows the interior temperature to be maintained at adequate levels, saving energy.

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Temperature control

One of the most important variables that an efficient cold store can maintain is temperature. Since food can lose its quality or deteriorate if temperatures rise or fall dramatically, it is important to ensure that the sensors respond precisely to temperature requirements. The recommended temperatures are generally provided in the user manual for the cold room of your choice. New temperature control technologies offer sophisticated product temperature detection and ensure that food stays fresh for longer.

Real-time monitoring

Newer technologies have led to more and more sophisticated refrigeration innovations and some allow real-time monitoring of temperature and other vital signals for efficient operation. Through this technology, the sensors measure the temperature inside the cooling compartment and respond by adjusting the temperature as necessary.


Defect Prevention

Most new Cold storage rooms are equipped with tactile mounting sensors. And warning signals that are activated when major problems are detected inside the room. This technology helps to detect and prevent future defects. Since the relevant information can be collected. Then transmitted to technicians who intend to improve the overall design and function of the rooms.

Alarm notifications

Cold rooms with patented control methods offer precise temperature control and are consistently reliable when time is tested. Sophisticated systems allow remote control from a PC and issue alarm notifications when this equipment malfunctions or is in trouble.

However, not only the pharmaceutical industry requires refrigeration equipment. There are many other commercial industries that need additional temperature controlled storage space on site. For example, shipping lines companies often require a range of services on their ships, such as temperature monitoring, pre-trip inspection and repair of refrigeration equipment.

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