It’s normal to feel humid, sweaty, and sticky in hot weather, so what is the best way to cool down? We must first understand how the body maintains a steady internal temperature to address this issue (core) with cool showers.

In hot environmental (ambient) conditions, our bodies tend to retain a constant core temperature. It makes us feel uneasy. When the ambient temperature rises so high, we engage in reflexive and behavioral (things we do) adaptations in an effort to cool off. We make behavioral adjustments as a result of the discomfort we feel. They all want nothing more than to take a refreshing shower. So, can it aid in the cooling process?

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Our body regulates our core temperature from a biochemical perspective. Small differences in core temperature will cause illness rapidly (such as heat exhaustion, fever, and heat stroke). Our core body temperature is something we aren’t fully mindful of. Our sense of temperature is solely based on skin temperature sensors. Despite the fact that the body has sensors that measure core body temperature (temperature receptors). These allow us to determine whether we are cold, warm, or hot.

Human biology is unique in that it allows us to sustain a comparatively constant core body temperature despite varying ambient temperatures. For example, core body temperature varies only by 0.50 degrees over a broad temperature range (from 12-480 degrees Celsius). It reflexes to regulate core temperature can occur before a difference in core temperature occurs. It is due to the body’s ability to keep core temperature within such a small range,

Controlling blood supply to the skin is one of the most effective ways to regulate internal body temperature with a water cooling system. Since the circulatory system carries both blood and heat throughout the body, adjusting where the blood runs help the body to control where the heat goes. Heat is conserved in the body when blood flow to the skin is decreased, and heat is lost to the area when blood flow to the skin is increased.

There is almost no blood supply to the skin in cold conditions, allowing much of the heat to escape (which is why we get frostbite). This is why our skin becomes sallow and pale when we are very cold. To attempt to remove all of the heat from the skin, skin blood pressure will increase to as much as seven liters per minute in high atmospheric temperatures. This is a 23-fold improvement over average, accounting for around 35% of overall blood flow pumped from the heart. This is why we can look flushed when we’re wet.

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Since blood flow towards the skin is so well regulated, there is an ideal temperature at which the body does not need to regulate core temperature. When the skin blood pressure is about 300mL every minute, this happens.

Some temperature-control systems are very distinct. To retain core temperature in cold conditions, the body increases heat production. Shivering thermogenesis is one technique for heating up muscles; another is to speed up metabolism to produce more food.

Heat loss occurs only by sweating in hot conditions where the air temperature is greater than the skin temperature (above approximately 330C). Sweat has a drying effect as it evaporates from our blood. Sweating, also known as wet skin, will tenfold the amount of heat drained by the body.

When given full range, animals can spend the majority of their time in a temperature-neutral setting, which is where they are most at ease (the comfort zone). With an average temperature of about 280°C (and a skin temperature of 29-330°C), humans are most relaxed (thermoneutral). We become more anxious the farther we are from the temperature (cold or warm).

Final Verdict

In conclusion, a cold shower might sound like a healthy way to “de-stress.” We feel cooler as a result of the cool water and insufficient blood circulation to the brain but our hearts will continue to warm as a result of reduced heat loss from the body without skin blood flow. After a few minutes, we become warm again. A warm sensation on the skin, on the other hand, can increase blood flow to the skin, increasing heat loss from the body.

As a result, a cold shower will be more efficient than a warm shower in the summer. It will feel warm at first, but it will have a great long-term temperature after a few minutes.

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