The six complete stages in DANA RO Pure are responsible for filtering your water from Sand, Slit, rust, small impurities, chlorine, and gasses. Moreover, it adjusts minerals & PH in the water. With an easy adjustable stainless steel food grade faucet, water is fresh, clean and ready to be enjoyed.

DANA RO Pure is a complete water treatment system that purifies water not only from sand, slit, taste, odor, rust, gases and bacteria but make sure that excess Salts and Minerals (TDS) that are harmful to the body are filtered out and replaced with needed minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc and Iron.


STAGE 1: Sediment pre-filter Removes heavy duty large particles such as: sand from water rust, scale and dirt.

STAGE 2: Activated carbon filter It reduces organic molecules and chlorine which gets rid of oodor and improves the taste of your water.

STAGE 3: SEDIMENT & CARBON FILTERS Can remove some of the things that find their way into your water that cause bad smells, unpleasant tastes, and possible health issues over time. Working together, sediment and carbon filters can remove enough impurities that your water should taste and smell great.

STAGE 4: MEMBRANE FILTER Is the most necessary stage in this filtering process. RO Membrane Filters remove all unsafe particles larger than 0.00001 micron, leaving you with pure water.

STAGE 5: ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER It Confirms your RO water is clear of organic molecules and chlorine that harmfully affect the taste and smell of your drinking water.

STAGE 6: MINERALIZING CATRIDGE This cartridge replaces necessary minerals that are good for you and make your water taste great.