Introduction-Domestic water chillers

The domestic category of water chillers usually come as Overhead tank coolers / Tank water cooling solutions. These provide integrated, all-inclusive water-cooling solutions for domestic usage. These systems are capable of providing water of optimal temperature to use in bathrooms, kitchens and basically all daily applications.

DANA's wide range of water coolers will be your perfect companions in the coming summers

DANA water heaters and cooler factory bring to you a varied range of best quality water coolers available in variants with varying capacity. Our cooling system can help you chill through the scorching heat. Our domestic coolers have proved to be optimal for small purpose usage throughout the UAE and other Gulf countries.

Domestic water chillers – Working

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The re-circulation method use in water chiller. This method involves connecting the tank and the chiller and passing water in a repetitive cycle from the chiller to the tank. The repetition process is carried out repetitively lowering the temperature with every cycle. The process goes on until the required temperature is reached, and then maintained at that temperature maintaining the required frequency.

Our chillers come with a condenser, an evaporator, a compressor, a control panel, and a pump for maintaining circulation. The fundamental cooling process also works through a heat removing thermodynamic cycle. The basic purpose of refrigeration devices is firstly removing the heat from the system to be cooled and then it is equally important for the chiller to get rid of the heat itself which can be carried in various ways.

We at DANA bring to you air-cooled chillers which use water in the first heat transfer (I.e. from system to chiller) and heat removal from the chiller is through the air. It is due to this very reason that our chillers are equipped with efficient, long-lasting and reliable fans.

DANA Domestic water chillers are reliable and have satisfied customers across the Middle East .

Types-How to choose?

Now, domestic chillers can be divided into various categories based on a varied range of criteria just like the other refrigeration systems. The common criteria considered for categorization are-

  • Basis of working capacity,
  • On the basis of heat elimination method (air-cooled, water-cooled, oil-cooled),
  • Basis of the type of compression technology used.

But for domestic chillers, the most abundant categorization method is on the basis of their capacities as it provides a clearer understanding and better abstraction to the customer. We at DANA provide you with the best quality, long-lasting, reliable, low-maintenance, robust and yet efficient coolers. We have got all needs covered with chillers having varying capacity each suited for the task at hand. Our domestic water chillers come in three variants :-

We offer domestic water collers across 2TR, 3TR and 5TR rating

The clip below shows the functioning of DANA Water Chillers-


  • Our chillers come with best-in-class compressors come with one of leading USA’s producers which are specialists of tropical use.
  • We provide an inclusive, integrated chilling system for domestic use so that you don’t have to worry about additional circulation system installation.
  • Condensers in our chilling system are a generous size and coats with copper or finned with Aluminum on three sides for good conduction.
  • You can have the water supply which matches your choice and expectations. You can have water with temperature varying from 200C to 35o
  • We make our chillers make to last, with robust, all-weather resistance enclosures.
  • The chiller comes with heavy frame construction which can easily withstand even harshest shipping and handling conditions.
  • Our chillers require low-maintenance and the necessary maintenance also becomes easy with the convenient and easy access design of our chillers.
  • “DIY” DO IT YOURSELF  – Our Water Tank Chillers Can be installed DIY with the assistance of telephonic support, videos and a comprehensive instruction manual

With an affordable price and best in class quality, DANA water coolers are a must have!

About Us

DANA water heaters & coolers factory LLC ( established in 2001 is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our company manufactures our products and we are stainless steel water cooler supplier in UAE. And we present our gratitude to you with immense pride and honor to associate ourselves among the leading producers of water chillers with other cooling and refrigerant solutions, being able to provide our services in almost all Gulf countries and also some African countries including Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and some other GCC nations alongside Arab countries.

We at DANA group have always kept in mind, restrictions, and problems our consumers face and tend to work with utter determination so that we can eliminate these boundaries and bring the best to you at affordable prices. We bring about the product for use in a variety of sectors. Our domestic overhead coolers are an example of our dedication to bringing the best for the complete spectrum of consumers.

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