The Swimming Pool Heat Pumps provide a temperature management system that heats or cools a swimming pool effectively and economically, irrespective of the environmental air temperature and location.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Comfortable swimming

Swimming pool temperature control that is dependable is essential for a comfortable swimming experience. To be refreshing and invigorating, a swim must take place in water that is the proper temperature for the swimmer.

Summer chilling

Swimming pools are susceptible to a lot of solar gains throughout the summer months. Water in swimming pools can become unbearably hot when combined with excessive ambient humidity, which prevents pools from cooling naturally through evaporation. If this occurs, the water must actively cool. Pool coolers that work on the basis of heat pump technology can be beneficial.

Heating in the winter

Swimming pools constantly evaporate water and emit heat throughout the winter. The combination of these variables results in heat loss, which must be supplemented by a heater in order to maintain suitable water temperatures.

The heat pump, which either warms or cools.

Dana heat pumps are built specifically for swimming pool heating and cooling. This implies that all of the components utilized in their construction are engineered to provide optimum efficiency and dependability under swimming pool conditions, even in the harshest climates.


Dana Heat & Cold pumps

  • Heat pumps acknowledge as the most environmentally friendly method of dynamically heating or cooling swimming pool water, saving both energy and operational expenses.


  • Specifically designed for harsh climatic conditions, with heating and cooling systems that maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year.
  • Dana Heat Pumps employ “Spec-Plus” technology, which saves up to 80% on electricity while producing up to five times the amount of energy. • Dana Heat Pumps are easy to install and run.
  • Dana Heat Pumps offers extremely low levels of operational noise.
  • Reverse cycle on an electronic device Control over the de-icing process, as well as safety, controls included in.
  • A condenser coil that has been specially developed to be hydrophilic coated and corrosion-resistant.
  • They have a long shelf life and are quite durable.
  • Equipped with a Japanese SAGNOMIYA “Electronic Expansion Valve” that has a 20% better efficiency than a standard heat pump and has four way-valves, allowing for faster defrosting and greater efficiency than a traditional heat pump.
  • A high-quality titanium heat exchanger that is free of corrosion.
  • Excellent after-sales service as well as technical assistance


Recommended Dana Pool Heat & Cool Pump for Ideal Pool Capacity

DCH-3000 –40m3

DCH-5000 – 40-60m3

DCH-7000 – 60-75m3

DCH-5000 x2 –75-120m3

“For exceptional requests, we also manufacture custom constructed 10 ton and 20-ton Chillers.”

The capacity gives in US gallons, with 1 US gallons equaling 3.8 Ltr.

About Dana

DANA water heaters & coolers factory LLC ( established in 2001 is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our company manufactures our products and we are stainless steel water cooler supplier in UAE. And we present our gratitude to you with immense pride and honor to associate ourselves among the leading producers of water chillers with other cooling and refrigerant solutions, being able to provide our services in almost all Gulf countries and also some African countries including Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and some other GCC nations alongside Arab countries.

We at DANA group have always kept in mind, restrictions, and problems our consumers face and tend to work with utter determination so that we can eliminate these boundaries and bring the best to you at affordable prices. We bring about the product for use in a variety of sectors. Our domestic overhead coolers are an example of our dedication to bringing the best for the complete spectrum of consumers.

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