In many industries, Water tank cooling systems play a major role. They help keep medical machines running and keep milk cool until it ends up going to the markets. Tank water cooling system helps the pharmaceutical industry, the brewing industry, and the processing of meat and poultry.

You’ll have to choose whether you need an air-cooled or water-cooled chiller if you’re searching for your business. The key advantages and disadvantages of water-cooled chillers for tanks are below to assist your analysis.

Dana Tank Water Cooler

Dana Tank Water Cooler


Long Operating Time

Water-cooled chillers do not typically require substitution as much as air-cooled chillers do. Outdoor conditions such as snow, rain, ice, and heat are not usually exposed to them, which makes them less susceptible.

Quietly Working

Although air-cooled chillers have noise-causing ducts and vents, water-cooled chillers work peacefully. The water moves through the machine does not lead to the same noisy fluctuation as in air-cooled chillers. In environments like hospitals and schools, noise may cause disruption for occupants, quiet operations are especially important.

Efficient Energy Level

In domestic water chillers, the coefficient of the film is 10-100 times higher than in air-cooled chillers. This ensures that heat is transmitted more effectively by water-cooled chillers. The consequence for businesses is energy savings.

Do Not Require Open Space

Air-cooled chillers must maintain in an open area with enough fresh air. Indoors remain with water-cooled chillers, making them suitable for businesses that have insufficient access to outside space.


Instead of harmful chemicals, water-cooled chillers use water as a coolant. This makes them better for contacting people.

Dana Water Tank Chiller

Dana Water Tank Chiller

Best for Dry Conditions

Water-cooled chillers are generally more effective than air-cooled chillers as they work effectively in dry conditions. It’s not built for wet conditions because humidity increases the temperature of a wet bulb, which reflects how water absorbs heat efficiently. Water chillers can also make people feel cold and clammy which is good for hot environments.


Moderately High in Cost

An air-cooled chiller is cheap in cost than water-cooled chillers since parts such as condenser pump and cooling towers are not required. However, several businesses believe the long lifecycle and energy savings are worth the initial high investment of water-cooled chillers.

Installation Difficulty

The additional parts in water-cooled chillers often add trouble to the installation. In contrast to air-cooled chillers, this could mean higher labor costs for installing water-cooled chillers. But DANA DC3000 Water Tank chiller is a perfect tank water cooling system. Its installation is also easy.

Mechanical Room Needed

Industries must have a mechanical space to accommodate a chiller with water. The chiller is then checked that the cooling tower and additional components work properly.

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