Walk-in chillers – Introduction

Food items, beverages inside Walk-In chiller

Walk-In chiller is used to store food items, beverages and pharmaceuticals

Walk-in chillers (or walk-in coolers) are modular cold storage chambers that are used in order to cool food, beverage, fruit, vegetable, pharmaceutical material and other goods. Depending upon the need, different standard dimensions of these cold room chillers and coolers are available. As they are used for cooling a variety of items, they vary in refrigerating capacity and also the operating temperatures. We at DANA manufacture high-grade quality Walk-In Chillers and Freezers of different sizes and capacities. We also boast of a large supply base that is spread over a large part of Asia (over a number of Arab countries) and some African countries like Kenya.

Chillers & Freezers

Considering the appearance and working principle of chillers and freezers, it is very natural to confuse one with another. Let us discuss where the difference lies discussing their properties as we proceed


This is the major and practically the only difference between chillers and freezers. Freezers, as the name suggests, are used when the operating temperature is below the freezing point. Thus, freezers operate at temperatures around –400C. Chillers, on the other hand, can be compared to refrigerators with operating temperature ranging from 0oC to 50C.

Storage area

It is not possible to differentiate between chillers and freezers on the basis of storage areas. No noticeable variation is visible on the basis of area. Thus, a freezer works at a much lower temperature providing an equal amount of space.


Chillers and freezers are practically different products if we distinguish them on the basis of applications. They are covered under the same garb because of their similar working principle and appearance. Chillers are used for keeping products usable and preserved for a longer period without requiring defrosting. Fresh food storage, hospital equipment and even cadavers at funeral homes are preserved using chillers. Freezers, on the other hand, have very specific applications. At sub-zero temperatures, the life of products is greatly prolonged perishable and biodegradable items are thus stored in freezers. Freezers find widely ranging pharmaceutical applications. Some specific uses include producers like ice-cream and frozen yoghurt manufacturers.

Types of walk-in chillers

Walk-in chillers are commonly divided into three types depending on the placement of the condenser and evaporator unit which also divides them according to their application.

The three types of chillers under this categorization are-

  • Self-contained
  • Remote
  • Multiplex

The characteristics of these different categories can be given as follows-


These chillers are the small-room type with all the components in one unit. These are self-contained and self- sufficient. They can be compared to a window A/C unit for simpler understanding. This ability makes them useful in case when the freezer is to be placed outside the factory or the working building and hence no extra space is required for the condenser and evaporator units.


As the name suggests, these are much like the self-contained chillers but the difference comes when considering the location of the condenser unit. Much like a split A/C system the condenser is placed anywhere but in an adjacent room. The roof of the building is commonly considered location. These are usually built in the building itself. These systems can have multiple evaporator units.


This is a type of chiller system that provides the most integrated chiller setup for a building. These are always integrated into the building design. They are favourable in large refrigeration applications. They allow the installation of multiple condensers and evaporator units.


An important property of walk-in chillers is their insulation ability. Heat transfers while entering and exiting the chillers (by employees) are the major source of losses. For this reason, the entrances and walls of chillers are well insulated. The core material of chillers is some variety of foam, sandwiched between aluminium or iron sheets. The entrances are curtained by strip curtains or air curtains.

DANA Walk-In Chillers and Freezers

When buying from Dana, you can be sure of chillers and freezers of best in class technology and efficient working of the refrigerators. Here’s what our chillers and freezers and best suited for.

DANA Walk-In chillers comes in different sizes according to capacity desired

DANA Walk-In chillers equipped with the latest technology offers superior performance

Walk-In Chillers

Temperature ranging from 00C to 50C-

Our chillers are best suited for dairy products, cooked products which may include meat, fish, eggs, milk, cereal, and cooked vegetable. Smoked and cured meats are best kept in this temperature range. Partly and uncooked products can be kept in chillers as well so you can keep your sausage rolls or pasta fresh for longer. Raw products go well so if you’re in the restaurant business, this is a great choice. Always take care of not keeping raw and cooked products together to avoid cross-contamination.

Walk-In Freezers

We provide freezers for almost all industrial and even retail applications. Our range includes-

  • Blast freezers
  • Carton/box freezers
  • Tunnel freezers
  • Individual quick freezing
  • Spiral freezers
  • Deep freezers

  DANA Walk-In Chillers and Freezers salient features



  • We produce cold rooms have interchangeable panels, that gives them a modular capability.
  • The cold rooms we provide are easy to assemble so that you don’t have to worry about technical assistance.
  • They can easily be extended in all directions, again extending our modular capabilities.


  • We ensure that our chillers are Non-absorbent, non-toxic, durable, smooth, impervious finishes.
  • Our cold rooms have Durable surfaces to sustain repeated cleaning and disinfection making the maintenance process a breeze and much less cumbersome and enhancing hygiene standards.
  • All joint gaps are sealed to prevent bacterial growth and propagation.


  • As standard, the door will be hinged 0.9m x 1.9m, coupled to a vertical panel available.
  • Our cold rooms come with coloured galvanized steel sheet and White lacquer with removable protection film, slightly ribbed.
  • Rigid polyurethane foam is provided but not at the cost of the environment with no CFC or HCFC Density: 40kg/m3 (+3-0kg/m3).
  • All refrigerating machines use ozone-safe refrigerant.

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